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Novecento (1900)

by Alessandro Baricco
translated by Joseph Farrell
performed by Mike Maran
directed by Patrick Sandford
with music by Dave Milligan

'an extraordinarily memorable, unmissable evening of theatre-magic'

Arthur Duncan, Somerset County Gazette

The transatlantic liner buzzes with rumours about its extraordinary pianist.

They say he was born on the ship and never once disembarked.

No one knows why...

… Danny Boodman, one of the ship’s engineers, found the baby in a box on top of the piano in the first class ballroom on the first day of the last century.

Danny named the boy, ‘Novecento’ (Nineteen Hundred), and he grew up to become the pianist on the ship and those who heard his music say he was the finest pianist who ever lived.

Is it true that he never once set foot off the ship?

Just before he died, Novecento told his story to his friend, the trumpet player, and now Mike Maran tells it to you.

Novecento was written by Alessandro Baricco whose recent books Silk and Without Blood are translated from Italian and available in paperback in English. It was adapted for the cinema by Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso and Malena). The film was called The Legend of 1900.

Novecento is now produced on stage and performed by Mike Maran with music by David Milligan.

"joyous ... an extraordinarily memorable, unmissable evening of theatre-magic"

Somerset County Gazette

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